How to choose best electric shaver

There are a plethora of different electric shavers available on the market today. It is great to have a wide selection to choose from but at times it can be difficult to pinpoint which is the best for your specific needs. There are not too many varying types of shavers but more manufacturers are coming into the market. Here are some important factors to evaluate when choosing the best electric shaver.

Choosing the Right Type of electric shaver

There are two basic types of electric shavers and the difference lies in the motion of the blades. Most models are equipped with rotary blades that shave in a circular motion while others use a straight pattern. Each type is designed especially for certain types of facial hairs so choosing the one that suits you is best.

Typically, electric shavers with rotary blades are more fitting for various kinds of facial hair. There are usually two or three blades that rotate in a circular motion and is fairly quiet during operation. Even if you have thicker or curlier hair, a rotary motion can handle shaving without excessive noise. A rotary shaver will almost always contour the face better than its counterpart.

Although straight-style shavers, such as Braun Series 5 5500, are not as preferred as rotary ones, it can often offer a closer shave. A straight-style electric shaver is also known as foil shavers because there are strips of foil covering the oscillating blades. The most favorable feature about this type is the closeness of the shave. While most men prefer the closest shave possible, those with longer or thicker hair are recommended to use rotary shavers.

Shaver price

Like many appliances, there are many electric shavers that cost a lot of money and some that are more reasonably priced. Making a choice between shavers depends on the budget range you are looking to spend. For the most part, manufacturers in the market are extremely competitive in terms of quality so a low price does not mean a shoddy shaver. If you have a budget in mind then simply go with some of the most popular brands and find the shaver with features that you want. Once you have a brand or model in mind, it will be easy to compare which model is worth the buy.

Comfort and Design

After deciding which type of shaver you want and how much you are looking to spend, it is important to consider if the handle and grip will be comfortable. Also, it will be beneficial to decide if you prefer a cordless shaver for added mobility.

Since most men will need to shave routinely, it is wise to check reviews online and see how others rate the model in the areas of comfort and reliability. There are also many designs so you will certainly find the color, shape, and size that fit your unique taste.

Advanced Features

With technology advancing so rapidly, there are many electric shavers that come with advanced features. Many models now come with clear LCD displays and a wide range of settings for length and speed. Although many brands come with more options, choosing one with a lesser amount of settings does not mean a compromise in overall quality. Men who are more adamant about having a great shave have the options to buy an electric shaver that come with a cleaning station, extra blades, and even trimmer attachments, such as Norelco Sensotouch 3D.

Making a Final Decision

Always keep in mind that price does not directly measure the quality of an electric shaver. The trick to choosing the best one is to compare various models to find the most appropriate for you. Even if a friend or relative loves the most expensive shaver available, it does not mean that you will be equally pleased. Whichever brand and model you choose, always look for great deals and product reviews online before you buy the best electric shaver.